A Lusitanicus

An outside world serie...


... 2000 years of delay . This is the epic day to day of our portuguese illustrious ancestors living an everyday no less barbarous than today´s Portugal...

From January, the heroes green receipts, with soldiers on Tumblr account, cooks without fear of ASAE (food inspection services), obsessive bureaucrats, women armed to the teeth, and especially terrible dangerous goats, animate the ends of Iberia with weekly doses of pure and delusional nonsense comedy .

Inspired by our present, each episode will show the absurdity day - to-day Lusitanian village that gave birth to our history .

With over half a million views, we are finishing the third season series to be released in April this year.

If our barbaric this is a comedy , our barbaric past could only have a web series.

We present our characters:

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