Web Summit - Lisbon Augmented Reality


Rali was back in Lisbon Again!

We have presented the «Lusk-Fusk Edition» .

This edition was take place during Web Summit Lisbon 2017 , in the lusk-fusk hours:
between the end of the main event and before the begining of Night Summit!

November 7th to 9th , for two hours a day, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., was at Museu das Comunicações talking about what's being done in Portugal and all over the world with Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. We'll also have presented - with live demos - the solutions we've developed and implemented based on these technologies.

All of this with a side of networking, drinks, snacks and regional delicacies!

We thanks to Conservas Nero, Conservas Sem Reserva, Queijaria Simões de Quinta do Anjo, SIVIPA Vinhos, Filipe Palhoça Vinhos and Mel Vida