Historical exhibitions Augmented Reality

  • Exhibitions of costume, tools, arms, armour, kitchenware and all the objects common to past men and women are one of the best ways to get people acquainted with History.

    We plan and set up temporary or permanent exhibitions related to any historical period and provide, on request, an additional service involving re-enactors (LIMU – Live Interactive Museum).


    Through existing partnerships we can develop ap ps for mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) in augmented reality, both for iOS as Android system

    The history can become a real story!

    The statement of Rewind Cities Lisbon (movie below) is a good example about that capacity .

    Much more than the usual museum guide, our re-enactors step up from the past, in full period costume and, apart from talking about the objects displayed, they allow the public to handle replicas of some of them and see how they are made, their weight and texture, how they work and realize how vital and functional they were for our ancestors.

    We also provide suitable exhibition furniture and replicas of historical objects according to the period required.