Historycal theme Parks

  • In the European Union, cultural industry has a better performance, regarding financial income and expansion, than the automobile industry. Tourism is another industry that, in the last two decades, has been in constant growth.

    This trend can be explored in very inventive ways, one of them being the historical theme park, a place where the public may relax, get entertained and learn some more about History without realizing it. These parks may focus on a particular historical period, or in several, areas alloted to each one in the last case.

    The creation of historical theme parks is a long-lasting, self-sustaining investment that may be taylored to the place it is going to be built at: as a small appendage to an archaeological site or monument, or as a huge, self-contained complex built anywhere.

    Whatever the dimension and diversity required, we plan them down to the smallest detail: it will be a beautiful place, historically accurate and full of period entertainment.