Bringing past to life. Historical Re-enactment

  • Historical re-enactment is a fascinating thing, a window to the past. Through re-enactment people may get a glimpse of what it was like back then, sometime in History.

    Costume, artefacts, weapons, daily activities, combat, entertainment, culture – everything archeologists, researchers and historians have dug from the earth and from manuscripts are brought to light, enlivened, given colour and movement. This is the task of re-enactment.

    Our re-enactors accurately portray any period and scene in History, from the simple way of life in a Barbarian fortified village to the harsh military discipline in a Roman legionary camp; from the loud bustle of a medieval market to a merry, colourful banquet in a castle hall; from exciting tournaments to famous battles with hundreds or thousands of participants in period costume and weaponry. All you have to do is to name the event and the period in History it took place in.

    Historical re-enactment events do generally attract thousands of people and that means good news, economically speaking, for any village or city where such events take place. And it's a very good opportunity for the locals to get involved and help preserve their traditions and identity. Tourism is development.

    We have the means, the knowledge and the expertise to create an event from scratch and to keep the action going for hours, days, or full weeks.

    Local communities are very important to us. We can teach them the know-how to turn them into local tourist guides and re-enactors, allowing them to take care of their prized historical patrimony, by preserving it and enliven it with appropriate historical entertainment.

  • International travel agencies have a growing number of clients eager to know a lot more than just another famous city or beach resort. They're after less known places full of History and are ready to travel not only in space, but also in time, experiencing local culture outside the museum.

  • Language and culture are not a barrier to us, because we have the skill to communicate with any community in the world. We know how to build their own project, according to their needs and resources, turning it into a self-sustaining tourist attraction.